Panoramic photographs taken in the 19th century of any location are rare; those taken in the Caribbean region are exceedingly so. Although the first panoramic camera was patented in 1843, panoramic photography didn’t start to flourish until the invention of flexible film in 1888. Up to that time, in order to create a sharp panoramic view, the photographer would have to take an exposure and then move his camera left or right and take another, making sure the alignment remained true. Once the prints were made they would be glued together to form a horizontal view. The Caribbean Photo Archive has managed to acquire a selection of large format two-part original albumen print panoramas taken in the later half of the 19th century of a diverse group of Caribbean island locations.

Each of these original prints have been scanned, selectively retouched, and joined, while carefully maintaining the tone and color of the originals. The dimensions of the prints are 24″ x 48″ and they are being offered at $595 each.To purchase a printed catalog of these images, visit: Caribbean Panorama Catalog